How To Get Rid Of Decomposition Odors Effectively

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We all know that unpleasant smell of decomposing matter. It can be a real nuisance, especially if it’s coming from your trashcan, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? In this article, we will explore ways to get rid of those pesky odors once and for all.


3 Ways To Remove Decomposition Odors

Absorb Lingering Odors

If the smell of decomposition is lingering in your home, you may be able to absorb it with charcoal. Charcoal is very effective at absorbing odors, and you can find it at most hardware stores. Just place a few pieces of charcoal in your trashcan, and the odors should be gone in no time. After-death cleaners also use this method to clean up after a death has occurred.

Change Your Trash Can

If the problem persists, you’ll have to change your trash can. If you have a plastic trash can, bacteria can build up and cause odors. Consider switching to a metal trash can, which will not harbor bacteria. You can also try lining your trash can with a garbage bag to keep the smells contained.

Remove All Organic Material

Crime scene cleaners often have to deal with decomposition odors, and they have a few tricks up their sleeves. One of the most helpful ways to disinfect and remove odors is to remove all organic material. This means taking out the trash, scrubbing the floors, and bleaching all surfaces.

Ventilate The Area

Especially for death odor removal, it’s important to ventilate the area well. This will help to remove any lingering odors. You can do this by opening windows and doors or by using a fan. After death cleaners often use industrial fans to ventilate a large area quickly.


Contact The Leaders At Death Odor Removal

At USA Bio Care, we offer a professional service that can help you get rid of pesky decomposition odors once and for all. We have years of experience, and our crime scene cleaners are certified and licensed. No matter how big or small the job, we can help. Let us help you get your home back to smelling fresh and clean.

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Why Hoarding Cleaning Should Be Done By Professionals?

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One of the most difficult things to deal with when you have a loved one who is a hoarder is the temptation to go in and start cleaning up the mess yourself. After all, it can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming to see your loved one living in such conditions. However, it’s important to resist the urge to do this for several reasons.


Why Should You Not Help A Hoarder To Clean Their Mess?

Mental Disorder

First of all, it’s important to remember that hoarding is a mental disorder. That means that your loved one is not choosing to live in these conditions – they cannot see the mess in the same way you do. That can make them very defensive and resistant to any attempts to clean up, even if those attempts are coming from a place of love and concern.

Emotional Attachment

Additionally, it’s important to remember that hoarders often have a specific attachment to their belongings. They may see value in things that you would consider trash, and they may become agitated if you try to throw them away. That can lead to arguments and conflict, which is the last thing you want.

Safety Concerns

Finally, it’s important to remember that hoarder homes can be incredibly dangerous. They may be filled with mold, pests, and other health hazards. If you’re not properly equipped to deal with these dangers, you could put yourself at risk.

Why Hire Professionals Is The Best You Can Do To Help A Hoarder Get Rid Of Their Mess?


It may be tempting to go in and start cleaning up a hoarder’s home yourself, but it’s important to resist that urge. It’s not safe, and it’s not going to help your loved one in the long run. If you’re concerned about a hoarder in your life, the best thing you can do is look for a hoarding cleaning-up service.


professional cleaner has the experience and knowledge needed to safely and effectively clean a hoarder’s home. They have the right tools, equipment, and expertise to deal with any dangerous or unsanitary conditions that may be present in the home, allowing them to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely.


Additionally, they can work with your loved one to help them let go of some of their belongings, helping them come to a place of acceptance and understanding about the situation. That can be essential for helping your loved one recover from hoarding disorder and reclaim their life.

USA Bio Care, Your Reliable Cleaners!

If you’re concerned about a hoarder in your life, reach out to USA Bio Care. We’re here to help. Our team of professional cleaners have the experience and expertise needed to safely and effectively clean any hoarder’s home and help you with any biohazard waste disposal, no matter how big or small the job may be. 

So, if you’re concerned about a hoarder in your life, it’s important to reach out for help. By working with professional cleaners like us, you can help your loved ones reclaim their home and life safely and effectively.




What’s Unattended Death?

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An unattended death occurs when a person dies without anyone present to notice it. How can that happen? It can happen due to an accident, illness, or other circumstances that leave a person alone after they have passed away. Unattended deaths are often not discovered until days or weeks after the person has died.

While unattended deaths are relatively rare, they can profoundly impact those who discover the body. In addition to dealing with grief and loss, individuals who find an unattended death must also deal with the practical issues of having a deceased body in their home or office.


What Are The Stages A Body Go Through When Decomposing?

The stages of decomposition are typically described as fresh, bloat, active decay, and advanced decay.

  • Fresh: This stage typically lasts for about 3-4 days after death and is characterized by supple and elastic skin.
  • Bloat: During this stage, gasses from the body accumulate in the abdomen as bacteria break down tissue. The abdomen will start to swell noticeably, with fingerprints becoming less visible.
  • Active decay: This stage usually begins about a week after death and is characterized by visible putrefaction as the body liquefies. The smell of decomposition will also become very strong at this stage.
  • Advanced decay: This is the final stage of decomposition and can last for several weeks. The body will be almost entirely skeletonized, and there will be little to no odor left.


If you discover an unattended death, it is important to contact a professional cleaning service right away for the body removal. These professionals have the training and equipment needed to take care of the unattended death cleanup and sanitize the place, ensuring that any harmful bacteria or odors are removed. That will help prevent further health risks for anyone who comes into contact with the remains.


Hire Professional Biohazard Cleaners For Unattended Deaths, Crime Scenes, And More!

At USA Bio Care, we are expert biohazard cleaners that offer cleaning services for all types of unattended deaths, crime scenes, medical waste removal, and many other biohazard-related jobs. Our team has the experience and expertise to complete any job quickly and efficiently while providing discreet cleanup so you can focus on moving forward.

Whether it’s a homicide, suicide, or unattended death, cleaning up after one of these situations can be extremely stressful and emotional. If you face this situation someday and seek professional help, look no further than USA Bio Care. We have years of experience in this industry and provide full-service solutions for all types of jobs.




Cleaning Blood Spills Is Dangerous

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Cleaning a blood spill can be dangerous if not done correctly. Blood is a biohazard and can contain diseases passed on to others. If you come into contact with blood, it is important to wash your hands and any other exposed skin immediately.

If you find a crime scene and there are blood spills all over the place, hiring a professional crime scene cleaner is always best. These cleaners are trained in how to safely and effectively clean blood spills. They will also have the proper equipment and supplies to do the job correctly.


Things You Should Know About Cleaning Blood Spills

  1. Blood is a biohazard. It contains diseases and other harmful pathogens.
  2. Cleaning blood spills can be dangerous. If not done properly, it can expose you to these harmful pathogens and toxins.
  3. Blood can be difficult to clean up. It’s always best to hire a trained professional cleaner with the proper equipment and supplies.
  4. Cleaning blood can be an emotional task. Sometimes, cleaning blood spills can bring about feelings of sadness, anger, or grief. It is crucial to seek support if you feel overwhelmed by these emotions.
  5. If you have a crime scene with blood spills. It is crucial to look for help from a professional crime scene cleaner that can safely and effectively clean up the mess.


Why Let The Job To The Professionals?

  • Cleaning up blood spills requires specialized equipment and supplies that most people do not have access to.
  • Professionals have the expertise and experience needed to do a proper blood clean up  in order to minimize any risk of exposure to harmful pathogens or toxins.
  • Working with a professional cleaning service can also help reduce feelings of sadness, anger, or grief that may come from cleaning up blood spills.
  • Hiring a professional also ensures that the job will be done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move on from the trauma of the event.
  • Ultimately, it makes sense to let the professionals handle any cleaning of blood spills, as this can help reduce risk and ensure a safe, clean environment for everyone involved.


Hire Professional Homicide Cleaners At USA Bio Care

Blood spills are one of the most dangerous things to clean up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up causing more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional homicide cleaner to help you with the aftermath of a violent crime. USA Bio Care is a company that specializes in this type of cleaning.

At USA Bio Care, our homicide cleaners are experts in dealing with blood stains and other types of biohazardous material. Whether you’ve experienced a murder, suicide, or accident in your home or business, we’ll be there to help you clean up the mess. Our team is discreet and professional. We’ll make sure your property looks like nothing ever happened so you can get back to living your life as quickly as possible.




Should I Clean Up A Homicide Scene?

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If you find the body of a loved one who has been the victim of a homicide, it can be a terrible and traumatic experience. In this case, what’s best is to keep calm and try not to touch anything from the crime scene. It’s always best to leave the job to professionals trained in cleaning up homicide scenes and who have the proper equipment to do so safely.  

Homicide cleaners will also be able to properly dispose of any hazardous materials that may be present on the scene. Trying to clean up the scene on your own can be dangerous and overwhelming and may result in further trauma for yourself and other loved ones. A trained crime scene cleaner will have the expertise and experience needed to ensure that the crime scene is cleaned without further damage.


What Can You Do If You Find A Crime Scene?

Don’t Touch Anything

First and most important, as explained above, you should not attempt to clean up or touch anything at the scene, as this may interfere with the investigation and can even be used as evidence against you. You’d also not allow anyone else to enter the scene, as this may contaminate it.

Call The Police

Then, you’d contact the authorities and let them know what has happened. Once the police have arrived and begun their investigation, they will determine if it is safe for you to enter the home. If they determine that it isn’t safe, they will likely cordon off the area, and you won’t be able to enter until the investigation is complete.

Try To Remain Calm

If you can enter the home, it is important to maintain your composure. While this may be a very emotional and difficult time for you and your family, it is critical that you not disturb anything at the crime scene or attempt to clean up any blood or other materials that may be present. Doing so could destroy evidence and hinder the investigation.

Be Patient

Once the police have completed their investigation and released the scene, you must contact a professional crime scene cleaning company to have the home cleaned and disinfected. Crime scene cleaners are specially trained in how to clean up homicide scenes. They’ll take all necessary precautions to ensure that the scene is completely cleaned and that any hazardous materials are properly disposed of.


USA Bio Care Offers The Best Crime Scene Cleaning Services

It is important to contact a professional crime scene cleaning company like USA Bio Care as soon as possible when a homicide occurs. We are specially trained in homicide clean-up or any crime scene. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the scene is completely cleaned and that any hazardous materials are properly disposed of.


We understand that this is a difficult and traumatic time for you and your family, and we will work quickly and discreetly to clean the scene and restore your home to its previous condition. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us today.



All You Need To Know About: Bloodborne Pathogens & Biohazard Cleanup

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Blood spills are tricky situations to handle. It’s best to get professional hazmat cleanup services to handle the situation. Bloodborne pathogens and other aspects should be considered when planning how to clean up any blood spill. Discover here all you have to know about pathogens and biohazard cleanup.


What are bloodborne pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens are many viruses, bacteria, or other organisms that can be transmitted through contact with blood or other bodily fluids. They can cause various serious illnesses, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Many bloodborne pathogens live hours outside of the body.

They can be found in a variety of places. Blood spills are the most commonplace to find, as they can be easily transmitted through contact with the blood. They can also be found in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Tattoo parlors, salons, and other areas where needles are used are also potential sources of bloodborne pathogens.


Why are bloodborne pathogens a concern?

Bloodborne pathogens pose a serious risk to human health. They can cause many serious illnesses, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Many of these viruses can live for hours outside of the body, making them easy to transmit. They can also be difficult to treat

Bloodborne pathogens can be found in various places, including hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. They can also be found in the home environment, especially if someone is battling a serious illness. If there’s an accident in your workplace, there can also be a bloodborne pathogen.


What’s Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazard cleanup is the process of safely and effectively cleaning and disinfecting areas that have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens or other hazardous materials. This includes removing all material traces and ensuring that the area is safe for use. Biohazard cleanup should only be performed by trained professionals in handling these types of materials.


Why do they need to be handled in a biohazard cleaning?

Bloodborne pathogens pose a serious health risk to anyone who comes into contact with them. It is important to clean affected areas with professional biohazard cleaners in Michigan like USA Bio Care to protect yourself and others. Our team is experienced in handling bloodborne pathogens and can ensure that your workplace or home is safe and clean.

USA Bio Care is a professional biohazard cleanup company “near me” with years of experience safely and effectively cleaning up after accidents and spills. We have the training and equipment necessary to handle any situation, including bloodborne pathogens. 




What To Do If You Witness A Homicide?

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Witnessing a crime scene can be a heavy situation to deal with. You might feel overwhelmed by what happened. If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness a homicide, there are some things you should do to help ensure that the situation is handled as safely and securely as possible.


Try To Cool Down

The first and most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Panicking or becoming emotional will make the situation more difficult for you and could also potentially hinder the police investigation. Take some deep breaths and gather your thoughts before doing anything else.


Note Down What You Saw

If possible, try to get a good description of the suspect. This information could be invaluable to the police searching for the perpetrator. Note down everything you can remember about them, including:





-Anything distinctive about their appearance

If there are any witnesses to the crime, try to get their contact information. They may be able to provide additional information about the suspect or the crime scene.


Be Safe

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to leave the area and contact the police. You can also call a friend or family member to come and stay with you until the authorities have arrived. If you need an extra level of protection, get into a witness protection plan.


Cleaning The Scene Afterwards

Finally, if you are responsible for the crime scene cleanup after a homicide, it is important to take appropriate precautions. Do not attempt to clean up anything until you have been given specific instructions from the police. There is a real risk of contamination and/or evidence tampering, so you must carefully follow all instructions for biohazard cleanup.


Get Help From Professional Cleaners

If you are not comfortable or able to clean up the scene yourself, it is best to call in professional crime scene cleaners in Michigan. At USA Bio Care, we’re a company that specializes in crime scene and death cleanup. They have the experience and knowledge to safely and securely clean up any scene, no matter how gruesome.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, it is important to stay calm and take appropriate actions. The police will need as much information as possible to catch the perpetrator, so do your best to collect as much evidence as possible. If you need any help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals like USA Bio Care. They will be more than happy to assist you.




Clorox Can’t Clean A Crime Scene

Clorox is a handy tool to clean up dirty areas, but there are things Clorox can’t clean. When dealing with a crime scene, it can be challenging to get it cleaned after the police do their investigation. The best option is to leave Clorox aside and contact a professional cleaning service to handle the cleaning.


Clorox Is No Match For Blood

When it comes to cleaning blood, Clorox is no match. Blood is difficult to remove and needs specific attention. If the blood is not removed correctly, there is a risk of spreading the blood around and making the mess worse. Clorox won’t do when there is a crime, especially if it is messy, Clorox won’t do.

Crime scene cleanup is serious business and should not be taken lightly. Professionals like USA Bio Care have the experience and training to clean up a crime scene properly. They have the tools and products needed to get the job done right.


Risks Of Trying To Clean A Crime Scene Yourself

There are risks involved when trying to clean a crime scene yourself. It is difficult to get the job done right, but there is also a risk of making the situation worse. By trying to clean the scene yourself, you could spread blood or other contaminants around. This could lead to further contamination and an increase in the biohazard level.

Blood contamination over time can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. This could lead to serious health problems down the road. Cleaning a crime scene also takes an emotional toll on the person that does it. It can be difficult to see the violence and destruction that occurred.


Don’t Try To Clean It Yourself

When it comes to crime scene cleanup, it is best to leave it to the professionals. USA Bio Care has the experience and training to do biohazard cleanup properly. We have the tools and products needed to get the job done right. As crime scene cleaners in Michigan, we’re experts in handling difficult cases and restoring a room to a clean state.

As a team, we have values that define us in our quest to help our customers out. We place them as the main importance and highly value helping them out. Our work is based on empathy, so we can understand their feelings and be by their side. USA Bio Care is the best choice for crime scene cleanup. 




The Dangers Of Hoarding Cleaning

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Hoarding is a common problem across America. It not only affects those hoarding but also those who live with them. Hoarding can strongly impact the safety of the household, so it can be risky to clean it after months or even years of hoarding. Discover here the dangers of doing a hoarding house cleaning by yourself.


But First, What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is classified as a mental disorder. A person accumulates excessive amounts of objects and has great difficulty discarding them. This can lead to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions and biohazardous material building up in the home.

If you consider cleaning up a hoarder’s home, it is important to be aware of the dangers involved. Cleaning up a hoarder’s home can be extremely risky, both physically and emotionally.


Physical Dangers:

Many of the physical dangers of cleaning up a hoarder’s home come from the biohazardous material found there. This material can include mold, asbestos, rat feces, etc. If you are not properly trained to deal with biohazards, you could put yourself at serious risk.

In addition to the biohazardous material, there is also the risk of being injured by sharp or dangerous objects lying around. Often, in hoarder homes, valuable items like jewelry or money are hidden among the clutter, leading to potential injuries if you are not careful.


Emotional Dangers:

Cleaning up a hoarder’s home can be an emotionally taxing experience. Many hoarders are attached to their belongings and may become defensive or violent when someone tries to take them away. It is important to prepare yourself for the emotional toll this process can take.


Why Professional Clean Up Is Best

While cleaning up a hoarder’s home yourself is possible, it is not recommended. There are just too many risks involved, both physically and emotionally. It is best to leave the cleaning to professionals trained in dealing with biohazards and hoarders. Professionals will be able to safely and efficiently clean up the home while minimizing the risk of injury or emotional trauma.


Get Professional Hoarding Cleaning In Michigan

Michigan residents needing a professional hoarding cleaning can call USA Bio Care to solve their needs. Our team is distinguished by its integrity and prioritizing our customers. We’ll strive to help our customers get the healing and compassion they need. Get our hoarding cleaning services in Michigan to solve a hoarding situation.




How To Help A Hoarder In Denial

Hoarding is a difficult condition to deal with. Not only is the hoarder struggling, but those close to them are often affected as well. If you have a loved one who is hoarding and in denial, it can be tough to know how to help. 

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on how to get your loved ones the help they need. We’ll also discuss biohazard clean-up and disposal services that can help make the process easier for everyone involved.


Best Ways To Find Help

If you have a loved one who is hoarding, the first step is to try to get them to see the problem. This can be difficult, as hoarders are often in denial about their condition. They may not see the clutter and mess as a problem, or they may be unwilling to part with their belongings. If you can talk to your loved ones about their hoarding, you may be able to convince them to seek help.

There are many resources available to help you and your family through this difficult time. With patience and understanding, you can help your loved ones get the treatment they need to improve their quality of life.


There are many resources available for hoarders and their families. Therapists specializing in hoarding disorder can help your loved ones understand their condition and work on ways to reduce the clutter in their life. 

Hoarding Cleaning Services:

There are also cleaning services that specialize in biohazard clean-up and disposal. These services can be a great help in getting rid of the clutter and cleaning up the mess.

Hire Professional Hoarding Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to help a hoarder is by hiring professional hoarding cleaning services that understand the emotions involved in these possessions. This will make a process on the client’s mindset and have a fresh start. 

We at USA BioCare have a biohazard waste disposal that allows us to comply with all the protocols to prevent cross-contamination and avoid disease spread. We have the right equipment for a perfect cleaning.

If you’re interested in a compassionate hoarding clean-up company, look no further! Contact us today to request our professional services!