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When it comes to hazardous waste disposal, chemotherapy waste is one of the main concerns for health facilities planning their healthcare waste management plan. If these substances are disposed of improperly, these wastes can cause irreparable damage to natural resources.

The EPA mandates chemotherapy waste must be separated, properly packaged and labeled, and disposed of in special containers. It is the generators’ responsibility to oversee the proper disposal of their regulated waste, even once it leaves their facility.

At USA Bio Care, we have expert knowledge and experience safely handling and disposing chemotherapy wastes management in Michigan. We strictly adhere to OSHA and HIPAA guidelines and make your regulatory compliance simple.

We Provide Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions

At USA Bio Care, our main goal is to provide chemotherapy waste solutions that can help you protect your business, reduce medical waste costs, and give you peace of mind with your regulatory compliance protection plan. Our services were born out of the frustrations that many healthcare facilities face when working with large companies.

USA Bio Care is locally owned and operated. We offer month-to-month contracts and a 100% compliance guarantee. You can customize the pick up frequency (unlimited, weekly, monthly) from our OSHA and HIPAA certified technicians. You will also receive compliance assistance and medical waste gap analysis by an USA Bio Care educator.

We also offer:

-32-Gallon and 96-Gallon Accumulation Containers

-Certificate of Destruction Manifest

-USA Bio Care Online Compliance Portal to easily organize and maintain documents

Leaders in Chemotherapy Waste Disposal

At USA Bio Care, as experts in healthcare waste streams, we minimize costs for health facilities like surgery centers, nursing homes, and other patient care facilities by providing a single touch-point for all waste management requirements. 

We never subcontract our work to other medical waste companies and we’re honest about our prices and about what services you need based on the waste volumes and types your facility generates.

When you’re looking for a company that offers chemotherapy wastes management in Michigan, you’re looking for reliability, experience, and certifications. At USA Bio Care, we offer all that and more. Don’t look any further, choose us as your medical waste removal company


Our team is able to respond quickly to crime scenes and medical emergencies, providing prompt and professional decontamination and disinfection.


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Floors, Walls, and Air Ducts…our team is trained and ready to help your home or office look and smell its best.

SA Bio Care is committed to supporting our veterans and active military. We partner with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to provide