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Clorox Can’t Clean A Crime Scene

Clorox is a handy tool to clean up dirty areas, but there are things Clorox can’t clean. When dealing with a crime scene, it can be challenging to get it cleaned after the police do their investigation. The best option is to leave Clorox aside and contact a professional cleaning service to handle the cleaning.


Clorox Is No Match For Blood

When it comes to cleaning blood, Clorox is no match. Blood is difficult to remove and needs specific attention. If the blood is not removed correctly, there is a risk of spreading the blood around and making the mess worse. Clorox won’t do when there is a crime, especially if it is messy, Clorox won’t do.

Crime scene cleanup is serious business and should not be taken lightly. Professionals like USA Bio Care have the experience and training to clean up a crime scene properly. They have the tools and products needed to get the job done right.


Risks Of Trying To Clean A Crime Scene Yourself

There are risks involved when trying to clean a crime scene yourself. It is difficult to get the job done right, but there is also a risk of making the situation worse. By trying to clean the scene yourself, you could spread blood or other contaminants around. This could lead to further contamination and an increase in the biohazard level.

Blood contamination over time can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. This could lead to serious health problems down the road. Cleaning a crime scene also takes an emotional toll on the person that does it. It can be difficult to see the violence and destruction that occurred.


Don’t Try To Clean It Yourself

When it comes to crime scene cleanup, it is best to leave it to the professionals. USA Bio Care has the experience and training to do biohazard cleanup properly. We have the tools and products needed to get the job done right. As crime scene cleaners in Michigan, we’re experts in handling difficult cases and restoring a room to a clean state.

As a team, we have values that define us in our quest to help our customers out. We place them as the main importance and highly value helping them out. Our work is based on empathy, so we can understand their feelings and be by their side. USA Bio Care is the best choice for crime scene cleanup. 




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