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What Consequenses Can Unattended Death Create?

The effects of unattended death are dangerous if not handled immediately. Unattended death refers to the discovery of a deceased body within days, weeks, or even months. This usually happens when a missing person is not reported and is eventually found dead at any given moment.

If the body is found in the scene of the murder, blood, bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, tissue, and harmful residues form part of it. It takes special cleanup to completely remove all these components and not leave traces of harmful contaminants. Therefore, the help of a professional cleanup company is needed to restore the area.

Why Should A Certified Cleanup Company Handle Unattended Death?

Once the police and detectives have studied the area and gathered all the evidence, the cleanup process begins. Handling such a scene requires professionalism at all times since the cleanup team has to be emotionally stable and possess all the needed supplies to provide a qualified cleanup process.

When unattended death occurs, the area is positively infected with all kinds of biohazardous contamination. This happens due to the decomposition of the body and all the blood and bodily fluids it expelled. The scene needs to be appropriately taken care of for the following reasons:

Development of bacteria

The nature of decomposition of the body leads to bacteria reproduction, infecting the area around. The deceased body should be managed adequately due to the lack of information about its origin. The person could have been infected with any disease; therefore, the scene has to be handled adhering to set guidelines by the state and federal law.

Appropriate scene restoration

The affected scene must be restored for its future occupants to use freely. During the decomposition of the body, airborne bacteria and biological material are released from it, causing potential harm to the area around it. Thus, the service of a certified cleanup company is required since they have the means and follow-ups to sanitize the scene.

USA Bio Care Unattended Death Cleanup Services

At USA Bio Care, we provide unattended death cleanup services. We’re registered with the Michigan Department of Public Health and are formed by a HAZPOWER certified, trained and compassionate staff. While doing our job, we make sure to follow OSHA prescribed strict guidelines to ensure the correct cleaning, sanitizing, restoring, safe, and discreet disposing of the contaminants.


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