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Waste management is one of the more challenging yet essential duties in the modern world – especially to dental practitioners who create and deal with regulated waste as part of their day-to-day. Many years ago, health care facilities didn’t recognize the importance of properly disposing of dental waste and used to flush it down the toilet or dump it down the drain.

Nowadays, the disposal of hazardous waste, like dental waste, is regulated by government entities so dental care clinics – and other health care facilities – need to have a well-structured waste disposal management plan. If you’re looking for a dental clinic waste disposal company in Michigan who will create a customized plan for your facility, look no further than USA Bio Care.

We Handle All Types Of Dental Clinical Waste 

In a dental clinic, there are different types of wastes, most of which are considered hazardous and are not supposed to be thrown in the regular trash. At USA Bio Care, we are experts at handling all types of dental clinical wastes, like:

Solutions Built to Protect Your Patients, Staff, and the Environment

At USA Bio Care we offer comprehensive and customizable solutions built to protect your business, your patients, staff, and the environment. Our management processes are designed to meet your needs, reduce dental waste costs and simplify your regulatory compliance. 

When hiring our services, you can customize the pick up frequency, choose from 32-Gallon and 96-Gallon accumulation containers, will receive pickups from an OSHA and HIPAA certified technician and a certificate of destruction manifest.

Dental Waste Services to Enhance Your Practice

Your main goal when hiring a dental waste disposal company in Michigan should be one: keeping your patients safe to provide them with the service they deserve. Forget about complicated dental waste and sharps management – at USA Bio Care we do it all for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Get in touch with us and partner with the best dental waste disposal company in Michigan.


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