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How To Deal With an Unattended Death

When a loved one dies without family or friends present, it is difficult to know the proper protocol. Things can get a little blurry when an unattended death occurs. Because of the stress you’re going through, you might not be able to think straight about what you’re supposed to do next. Normally, our first instinct is to contact the emergency services in any situation involving unexpected death. But what comes next?

We have created this to-do list to help people going through this difficult situation and need to know what to do next.


Dial 911

Accidental or from natural causes, no matter what type of death it is, you must call the authorities as soon as you find out about it. You can’t be certain about the circumstances that led to it, so it’s important to leave it to the experts. 

Make sure you don’t try to move the body or manipulate it in any way because you could compromise the future investigation or hurt yourself. For this, it is preferable to wait for the investigation to be over and hire body removal services from professionals.


Arrange Transportation

If the death isn’t categorized as a crime, then the investigation won’t take long. It will be up to you to arrange the appropriate transportation of the body. You’re probably thankful now for not throwing away that mortuary brochure someone handed you out on the street. It’s now time to call them and arrange all the preparations. Suppose you’re not interested in any rituals. In that case, biohazard companies offer cadaver disposal services with which the body will be removed from the property and disposed of according to safety guidelines and procedures.


Contact Family & Friends

After arranging everything, make sure to reach out to the family and friends of the victim. Nowadays, you can use social media platforms to set a network of contacts and inform everyone about the situation. Remember you don’t have to do everything on your own. After reaching out to people, many might offer to help you out with preparations and make you company during this difficult time.


Be Prepared For Anything

You haven’t been to the scene yet, so you don’t know what it looks like. At first impression, unattended death scenes might result shocking, especially if the circumstances of the death were extremely tragic. You must be prepared to be in the presence of bodily fluids, blood splatters, unpleasant odors, and dangerous contaminants. 


Time To Clean

Every crime scene must be cleaned after the authorities have made the proper investigations. An unattended body left untouched for too much time can create critical cleaning issues, even if just a few hours have gone by. 

As we mentioned before, it is better if you don’t manipulate or have any contact with the body or crime scene. One reason to keep your distance is that you don’t know what dangerous contaminants have been left behind and can be hazardous for your health. This is why you must hire biohazard cleanup services from a reliable company in the area, such as USA Bio Care.


Leave It To Industry Professionals

When you hire USA Bio Care, you’re hiring a trusting and experienced team that can handle any situation. Cleaning up is something that you won’t (and shouldn’t) have to do independently. Leave it to us to sanitize, deodorize and eliminate any trace of that traumatizing moment from the property. 

One of our many benefits is that our services are covered by your homeowner insurance, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses. You can mourn your loved one peacefully and let us take care of the heavy work. No matter what happens, our crime scene cleaners are here to give you nothing but serenity during this difficult time.




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