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How To Help A Hoarder Overcome Their Disorder

Mental disorders don’t usually allow victims to recognize they’re going through a dangerous condition, so most of those affected individuals don’t ask for help nor get the proper medication. However, there are ways to detect if a friend or relative deals with depression, anxiety, or hoarding disorders and treat them in time following the proper procedure. 

This time we’ll specifically address those who suffer from hoarding disorders and the most effective method to treat this condition. You’re probably thinking, “What if I just help them clean up their home and throw away every unnecessary item?”, unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. 

What Makes a Hoarder?

First, we need to understand why this person is creating bonds with valueless items. It may be due to emotional trauma from childhood that generated a void, and now the person is trying to fill with objects. Without really digging into the victim’s story and resolving underlying issues, hoarding counseling may be ineffective. 

What’s the Best Treatment?

As we previously discussed, removing or throwing away the excess of unnecessary items will frustrate the victim; instead of actually helping them, they will feel the need to replace all those items and go back to the same situation. To avoid future setbacks, we recommend hoarding therapy to address the thoughts and behaviors involved with hoarding. 

The most effective approach to treat hoarding is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapy helps the victim identify unhelpful beliefs that cause hoarding and teaches them how to control their impulse to collect objects. They will challenge themselves and replace the idea of hoarding with new healthy ideas. 

Is There Medication for Hoarding?

To this day, a medication for hoarding has not yet been discovered. Instead, medication is used to treat or prevent co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety. These conditions may have developed before the hoarding disorder, causing this condition to the person, or they may have developed due to hoarding. 

Looking for Excellent Hoarder Cleanout Services?

If you’re looking for exceptional hoarder cleanout services to help your hoarder friend or family member overcome this condition, we’ve got you covered. At USA Bio Care & USA Hoarding, we understand that a lot of emotions are involved in your possessions, and we are committed to providing high-quality services without the stigma of judgment. What are you waiting for?



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