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How To Prevent Unattended Deaths

Unattended deaths are tragic occurrences that can happen unexpectedly and are difficult for loved ones to handle. These types of deaths are when a person passes away alone and unnoticed, without anyone around to provide assistance or call for help. Some common causes of unattended deaths include natural causes, accidents, suicides, and homicides, and they all require professional decomposition cleanup. Fortunately, there are preventive measures that you can take to avoid such a situation. Keep reading to learn three of the most important ones.

3 Tips To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

As sad as it may be, elderly or disabled individuals are more at risk of unattended deaths. These measures may be especially relevant when you have an elderly or disabled family member living alone. Still, they can be applied to any situation.

1. Keep In Touch With Your Loved One Regularly

Even if you can’t visit your loved ones in person, call or communicate with them through messaging apps or other means to check on their well-being. When you’re not in the same city or state, it’s essential to identify trustworthy neighbors, friends, or care providers who can check on your family member in your absence. This way, you can detect any signs of trouble before it’s too late and prevent them from falling into life-threatening situations.

2. Install Safety Features And Alarms

Security devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help catch any unusual situations and notify you immediately if there’s a problem. In an emergency, you can call the local authorities to intervene and provide assistance promptly. Furthermore, security cameras deter potential criminals or intruders, making your loved one’s home less susceptible to burglary, theft, or violence.

3. Seek Regular Medical Care

Guarantee that your loved one can access the proper medication and follow up on any medical appointments. Medical practitioners can update you on the state of their health and recommend any necessary modifications to their lifestyle to prevent the risk of severe health problems. For instance, their doctor may recommend a specific diet, exercise routine, or other health-related activities.

A Trustworthy Bioremediation Company In Oakland, MI, That Can Help If You Ever Need It

As someone who cares for their family and loved ones, preventing unattended deaths should be your primary concern. Still, even your best efforts can’t eliminate the risk of such a tragedy, so you must be prepared to handle the aftermath if it ever occurs. While the emotional distress of an unattended death cleanup can be overwhelming, your loved one deserves a respectful and dignified farewell. We at USA Bio Care realize this is a difficult experience and want to assist you.

We offer decomposition cleanup, disinfection, and restoration services to help bring the affected area back to its original condition. Our technicians are licensed, certified, and insured, yet they remain gentle and compassionate in their approach. Don’t face this situation alone; it could become too much to bear. Partner with a trusted bioremediation company in Oakland, MI. Focus on your loved one’s memories and cherish your moments with them; we’ll take care of the rest.

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