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Instructions To Clean Blood Stains In Carpets

When we talk about blood stains on a carpet, most of the time, there’s an unfortunate accident involved. If you’ve ever come across such a stain and are wondering how you can clean it up, here are some tips that could help before calling the blood spill cleanup service:

1. Remove Excess Blood On The Carpet

When the blood dries, it becomes harder to treat. So, you first need to remove as much blood as possible from the carpet with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Use a blotting action to lift the blood from the carpet without rubbing it in. This only works for little bloodshed; if it’s about a crime scene, the best thing to do is to call a blood-cleaning service. You can do so by typing “crime scene cleaning near me” in your search engine.

2. Use Cold Water

The next thing you need is to use cold water on the bloodstain. Hot water will only make the blood stain set into the carpet. Cold water will prevent the blood from clotting. Blot the water on the stain with a cloth or paper towel until you see that the water is no longer red.

3. Apply Potato Starch To The Stain

In most cases, the first previous steps should be enough. But if you’re still seeing a faint bloodstain, you can try to apply potato starch to the area. Let it sit for 24hrs before vacuuming it up. Remember that if the job is too big, this won’t be enough, and you’ll have to call a blood spill cleanup service.

4. Use A Carpet Stain Remover

If you’ve tried the previous steps and are still not satisfied with the results, there’s one more thing you can do before requesting professionals. Look for a carpet stain remover in your local store and follow the instructions on the package. Leave this step for the very end because some of these products may damage your carpet.

Does The Stain Not Come Out? Contact A Blood Cleaning Service

Are you searching for “crime scene cleaning near me” because nothing seems to work on the bloodstain? You can always count on our specialists at USA Bio Care. We’re sorry that you had to face such a terrible situation, and we’ll do our part to help you go through it. Our crime scene cleaners are professionals with the proper equipment and experience to help you with this issue. Contact us now, and we’ll be there in no time.

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