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Michigan Crime Scene Cleaners

Michigan Cities With The Highest Crime Rates

Michigan is a state for many people and a paradise for many others. But it also has its share of crime rates that can be unsettling for locals and visitors alike. This blog post will go over the Michigan cities with the highest crime scenes to help you understand where it is best to keep your guard up and doors locked. 


8 Most Dangerous Michigan Cities

Here are the 8 most dangerous Michigan cities:

#1 Muskegon Heights

With a population of only 10,730 citizens, Muskegon Heights is by far the most dangerous city in Michigan. Although small, its crime rate stands at an appalling 5,390 crimes per 100K people, 330% higher than the national average. Making it one of America’s most dangerous cities.

#2 Detroit

Detroit is unfortunately regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in America, with a crime rate of 6,389 per 100k people – that’s 248% higher than the average for all states.

#3 Benton Harbor

Boasting a population of 8,892, the crime rate in Benton Harbor is 6,365 per 100k people – an astonishing 246% higher than the state average.

#4 Jackson

The city of Jackson has a population of 32,188 and an alarming crime rate of 4,179 crimes per 100k residents. This makes it 127% more dangerous than the average in Michigan state.

#5 Harper Woods

Harper Woods has been deemed one of the most dangerous areas in Michigan. Its crime rate stands at 4,057 per 100,000 individuals – making it 121% higher than the average city across Michigan.

#6 Flint

With a population of 98,762 and an alarmingly high crime rate of 2,752 per 100,000 individuals, Flint is 50% more dangerous than the state average.

#7 Kalamazoo

Boasting a population of 75,834 people and an unfortunate 166% higher crime rate than the national average, Kalamazoo is a city that needs more attention when it comes to safety.

#8 Albion

The city of Albion, a community with only 8,310 people residing in it, has been experiencing an 83% rise in crime compared to the national average.


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