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Labs, hospitals, clinics, and all types of medical facilities deal with hazardous and contaminated sharps on a day-to-day basis. Without the proper management of these infected disposals, serious accidents can happen, and doctors, nurses, and extra medical staff may be exposed. Due to this and countless incidents that occur daily, proper sharp management is required. 

At USA Bio Care, we offer experienced sharps management. We’re among the top sharp management companies in Michigan, strictly following OSHA guidelines to prevent your medical staff and ours from any danger. 


A Certified Sharp Management Company

Every team member in our company has been certified with the Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program. We know how to properly manage all types of hazardous wastes, biomedical waste, and sharps wastes thanks to our OSHA certification. 

Medical facilities are inspected to make sure they’re taking the appropriate measures to avoid putting patients, medical staff, and anyone else involved at risk. At USA Bio Care, we follow a strict protocol during our sharp management and ensure proper disposal for these medical entities to keep operating safely.

How To Know You Need Our Services

The janitorial staff in a hospital should never dispose of hazardous contaminants if they’re not qualified to do so. Not knowing how to manage contaminated materials, such as sharps, gauzes, bandages, cotton, and other materials containing blood or bodily fluids can lead to mixing, causing severe cross-contamination. 

At USA Bio Care, we properly handle sharp management and other contaminated supplies by separating and putting them in different bags and deposits. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about how to safeguard these contaminated disposals.

Safe-Removal Programs For Small To Midsize Generators

At USA Bio Care, we offer our sharps management services to small to midsize generators. We have a detailed protocol for each type of medical facility. We cover: 

-Dental offices

-Veterinarian clinics

-Medical offices

-Retail clinics

-Urgent care centers

-Long term care facilities

-Home infusion

-Among many others

If you’re looking for experienced sharp management companies in Michigan, you can count us. We perform our tasks with commitment and dedication, no matter what kind of medical generator you own. 



Our team is able to respond quickly to crime scenes and medical emergencies, providing prompt and professional decontamination and disinfection.


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