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Type of Scenes That Require Biohazard Cleanup Services

Bodily fluids such as blood, semen, feces; dangerous microorganisms like viruses and bacteria; and even potential poisons such as insecticides and contaminated needles are biohazard threats. These biohazards should be handled by professionals for safety concerns and regulatory compliance. 

Professionals minimize the risk of injury or infection both to you and other people around you. Plus, they follow legal requirements for disposal, both in documentation and transport. Learn which scenes require this kind of professional help. 

Household Biohazards

Household hazardous occur when blood, vomit, urine, feces, semen, vaginal fluid, or saliva contact surfaces. It can happen after a trauma or crime scene. It’s necessary to clean up thoroughly before the blood becomes exposed to common surfaces.

In this case, professional technicians will come in, assess the area for hazards, then clean everything up quickly and safely, using gloves and proper cleaners). Afterward, your home should be safe to use again. 

Commercial Biohazards

Commercial biohazards involve biohazardous materials that might affect members of the public if released into the environment. This includes medical facilities where hazardous bodily fluids may escape during procedures or businesses involving contact with potentially infectious materials (e.g., barbershops, tattoo parlors). 

Companies need to take extra precautions because they are legally responsible for spills or other accidental hazards. Regardless if it’s an accident or crime scene, professionals ensure the area is biohazard-free and safe for the rest of your customers and employees. 

Plus, blood and feces must be disinfected at certain temperatures for specific amounts of time to ensure harmful microorganisms do not remain in the environment. Technicians know exactly how to properly handle the waste left behind to avoid harming who comes to anyone involved with handling it.

USA Bio Care Is Your Compassionate Biohazard Cleanup Company 

If you need a biohazard cleanup, USA Bio Care got you covered. We offer the best service in our area and provide competitive prices to make sure your budget is taken care of too. 

Trauma scenes, accidents, or professional disposal of waste, we have the experience and tools to ensure quality services. Work with HAZMAT, OSHA and EPA certified companies near you.



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