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Unattended Death Cleanup Professionals in Michigan

Death can be difficult to discuss, especially when unexpected. Unattended death, also known as undiscovered or unrecovered death, is a term used to describe an individual’s passing that has not been found for some time. The cause of death can be challenging to determine in these cases, as there may not be any clues as to what happened.

 The families of those who passed away unexpectedly often find themselves struggling with unanswered questions. What happened? Why didn’t anyone see them? How did this happen? These are just some of the many questions that can go through your mind when you lose a loved one this way.

 While there is no easy way to deal with an unattended death, it is essential to remember that you are not alone. There are trained professionals available online and in-person that can help you through this challenging time.

 At USA Bio Care, we are a compassionate team of experts ready to serve you during this difficult time. We are a biohazard cleanup company specializing in unattended death cleanup services in Michigan. Talk to licensed professionals that have extensive knowledge of the cleaning and decontamination process. 

How the Cleaning Process Works 

Cleaning an unattended death is not easy, but we do it respectfully and professionally. When someone dies and is not attended to by a medical professional, you must contact a certified cleaning service. These professionals will disinfect and decontaminate the area. Professionals who clean up after an unattended death must take special precautions to protect themselves and others to prevent the spread of disease. 

 The first step is to remove all traces of blood from the scene. Various methods of doing this depend on the surface. For example, if the blood is on a hard surface like tile or wood, it may be scrubbed away with a strong detergent and water solution. If it is on fabric or carpeting, it may need removing using a commercial vacuum cleaner fitted especially with a filter to trap hazardous particles.

 After removing the visible blood, we disinfect the area using an EPA-approved disinfectant agent. The team will usually use gloves and masks while working, and they may also choose to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from contaminants. 

 Our certified staff strictly adheres to the set guidelines by the state and federal law to get rid of contaminants. 

We are a compassionate team that understands this difficult situation, so we will work with empathy and respect. We provide corpse removal services near you. 

Expert That Adheres to Protocols and Guidelines

 We at USA Bio Care will work with local law enforcement to meet all the necessary protocols and guidelines. Why should you choose USA Bio Care? Here are some of the reasons.  

Contact us to get the support you need. We are your unattended death cleanup professionals in MIchigan. 


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